Acrylics and Watercolours 

(and other stuff)


The Artists' Circle, a group of visual artists who help and support each other. There is at least one group show per year. We also have a Facebook page at


Dorval Artists' Association, another group of visual artists who get together for monthly meetings. 


The Women's Art Society of Montreal, a group of artists of all sorts, including writers and musicians, etc.


The Pontiac Artists' Association A group of very active and talented artists located an hour northwest of Ottawa. They work in many different mediums, including clay and fabric, and host a residency for artists for a week during the summer.


Art Reflections (a critiquing group composed of professional and semi-professional artists)


and I participate in various art activities here and there.




I often give my students the links to two blogs I read in particular:



Both blogs are absolutely packed with excellent information on art, written by Charlie Parker and James Gurney, respectively. Food for thought.


There are many other resources which may one day be included here.